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That’s why we developed Cliovana™

Cliovana(patent pending) is a simple, completely non-invasive treatment to increase women’s arousal levels and their orgasm frequency and intensity. Cliovanauses sound wave technology, not lasers, scalpels or needles, so there are no dangerous side effects. Whether you’re with a longstanding partner, dating, or enjoying it on your own, your sex life is about to get better.

It’s research validated: Better sex makes for better everything.

There’s science behind that feeling that everything gets better when sex is good. Studies from around the world show a healthy and happy sex life means more than just post-orgasmic endorphins – impacting everything from longevity and heart disease to mental health and relationships. Enhance your sexual satisfaction, and you enhance everything else.

If you want more spark, you’re not alone

Unfortunately, for many women there’s a significant gap between what they’d like out of sex and what they’re getting. According to one recent study*, 60% of women aren’t satisfied their sex life. Not surprising, given that another recent study** of 52,000 Americans indicated that, in male-female encounters, 75% of men orgasm every time while only 33% of women do.

What makes orgasm more complex for women? Your clitoris is key.

Fewer than 20% of women can orgasm without adequate clitoral stimulation. Why? Your clitoris is key: the clitoris has 8X more nerve endings than the head of a penis which makes it essential to overall sexual satisfaction. Every clitoris is different, making it easier for some women to climax than others. Age plays a part too; responsiveness can diminish over time, due to physiological changes.

Escape the Arousal Deficit Cycle

The patented Cliovana treatment creates long-term, heightened clitoral responsiveness, which leads to consistently increased arousal and more frequent and powerful orgasms.